Why is there no price on the site?

Because the rental price includes many variables: type of awning, area, rental period, the complexity of mounting on a location, the need and distance of transportation, the need for a business trip of the installation team, etc. All these factors are difficult to describe for all possible situations, so the miscalculation is done individually for each project.

How to choose an awning for my needs?

Focus on the task, how do you plan to use it, to determine the appropriate type of structure. And to calculate the area, estimate the number of guests and the type of seating – whether they will sit at round or rectangular tables, or will it be a buffet table or conference seating. Orient yourself approximately like this: 1 m2 per person with a buffet table, 1.5 m2 per person with a banquet seating at rectangular tables, 2 m2 with a seating at round tables. And better – contact our managers, and they will calculate everything for you.

What cities do you work in?

Our office and warehouse are located in Kiev, but we carry out installation throughout Ukraine. The awning transportation system has been established and has been successfully operating for over 10 years.

Are side walls and floors included in the rental price?

Yes, the walls and entrance group are included in the rental price. Floor, heating, decor, lighting – for an additional fee.

Do you place tents on lakes, pools, hills and other uneven surfaces?

Yes, of course – we love interesting tasks) Surface irregularities are aligned with stage constructions.

Yes, of course - we love interesting tasks) Surface irregularities are aligned with stage constructions.

Yes, you can decide on the day of the event whether you want the walls to be lowered or raised. If the weather changes, our employees quickly fasten the wall without disturbing your guests.

Who mounts awnings?

Only our installers, as We are responsible for your safety. Our team is highly qualified and only with them we are confident in the quality of installation.

Who organizes the delivery of awnings?

If you have your own transport suitable for these purposes – you can deliver it yourself. But in most cases, we are engaged in transportation and loading-unloading ourselves.

Can I write the name of my company on the tent?

Yes, we can brand awnings outside with oracal stickers. For more information, see “Branding”.

Do you provide dry closets, air conditioning, lighting, music, etc.?

We work with a wide range of contractors, so without any problems we can organize any turnkey event.

Can I rent an awning for 1 day?

Yes, you can, but also take into account the time required for installation and dismantling of the structure. For some tents, an hour to install is enough, but there are those that will need a full installation day.

Is night mounting / dismantling possible?

Yes, it is possible at a special rate.

What should I do if during the event something happens to the tent?

No one is safe from force majeure situations, therefore, for the period of the event, a representative of our company is always somewhere nearby. If you have any questions related to the use of the tent, you can contact him and promptly call to the site. Awning safety (wind loads or fire resistance, for example) can be found in the awning catalog in the Technical Information.

What to do if the awning was dirty during the event?

Contact us the sooner the better. Some contaminants can be easily removed if done in a short time. If we are talking about normal wear and tear and household pollution (dust, rain, etc.), washing the tent is included in the rental price. All responsibility, its transfer and sanctions are described in detail in the contract that we conclude with you on the implementation of your project.

You have all the tents white, are there any colored ones?

All tents, except for the Stars, are only white. Stars catalog here.

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