Losberger De Boer,
Losberger De Boer, <br>Germany

The world leader in the production of tents, awnings, tents, pavilions and temporary high-rise buildings with a 100-year history. The company has 8 factories, 21 representative offices worldwide and more than 1,100 employees. Holds patents for several dozen inventions that facilitate and accelerate installation, make the structure more stable and secure. Losberger De Boer owns such popular awnings today as Uniflex and Multiflex.

The benefits of Losberger De Boer:

  1. A wide variety of forms of awning models and the largest product line: for receptions, catering, VIP-halls, sports events, exhibitions, etc .;
  2. Patented awning assembly technology – maximum convenience, high speed awning installation and disassembly;
  3. Sturdy aluminum profile system that allows the use of awning designs without replacement for up to 15 years or more;
  4. Withstands high loads: suspension equipment, wind loads gusts up to 25 m / s, snow loads in winter;
  5. Modularity: Most awnings in this brand are made up of sections that can be varied based on customer needs;
  6. International certification – Losberger De Boer has ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality certificates from TUV. This allows Lossberger designs to participate in the world’s most prestigious festive events, world EXPO, yacht shows, air shows and car shows.

Alta Expo has been an official representative of the Losberger de Boer brand in Ukraine since its inception and has been providing quality German designs to Ukrainian customers for over 10 years.

Creative Products,
The Netherlands
Creative Products, <br>The Netherlands

A modern manufacturer of futuristic tents, the special construction and design of which make them a central element of any event with a WOW effect.

  • Powerful base: construction of high quality aluminum pipes, durable galvanized steel connectors and stainless steel cables. The hull elements are made of high strength alloys used in aviation and shipbuilding. Withstands heavy additional loads (hanging equipment and decor, snow weight in winter).
  • Unusual dome fabric: transmits sunlight but retains light from lamps and allows light installations.
  • Quick build: a couple of hours is enough for the largest designs. Save on location rentals and installers.
  • Interconnect: Zipper recesses compensate for height differences when using different types of awnings. You can build structures of any size!
  • Sidewalls: fasten in minutes and securely protect against wind and weather.

The stylish and bright, hemispherical designs of Creative Products will decorate any event – from business events to large-scale festivals.

Alta Expo has been working with the Dutch manufacturer for over three years, offering some of the most popular types of construction, including the exclusive 178 m² Hexadome L. There is no such person any more in Ukraine!

Protan Elmark,
Protan Elmark, <br>Norway-Poland

The manufacturer of awning hangars of a wide purpose and awning designs by individual orders. In the market since 1939. The company’s business card is the construction of warehouses and industrial premises, sports and trading halls, as well as the construction of awning-type hangars.

The main advantages of Protan Elmark awnings are affordable prices, lower than those of other European manufacturers, as well as the ability to make designs by individual measurements, with complex geometry and other individual features.

  • Awnings are created using modern equipment in accordance with the standards of quality management system ISO 9001
  • In the state of the company – a team of designers to develop individual designs
  • Pavilions are assembled from reliable materials that have passed laboratory testing
  • Constructions are made to order in the shortest possible time, which allows you to make a request immediately if you need awnings
  • Each object is not only accompanied by the necessary technical documentation, but also can be delivered to the point you need and mounted by specialists of the company
  • Constructions and PVC coverings can be any length for them, which allows to create spacious pavilions for a variety of purposes.

As a representative of Protan Elmark in Ukraine, Alta Expo will accept your application for the construction of the structure and will ensure its completion in the shortest possible time.

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