Temporary buildings - a profitable, flexible and mobile solution for storing agricultural products and equipment, creating shelters for livestock or farm buildings. Use awning or metal hangars in a season or throughout the year, move around the regions, install directly in the field - your possibilities are endless!
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Seasonal trade and retail

Create additional trade pavilions, arrange weekend fairs, zoning territory - tent structures will allow you to organize temporary points of sale quickly, without large investments and long approvals. For large and small businesses, regardless of region and type of goods.
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Temporary warehouses

Prefabricated hangars - your warehouse in the right place in a matter of days, easy to transport and install. Are established on any platforms, guarantee reliable storage of products. Metal or awning, mobile and modular, such warehouses are economical and multifunctional.
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Temporary movie theaters

Equip a comfortable auditorium anywhere! Add a wow effect by making this room with a transparent roof. Create a mobile cinema and move at least every day. With awning designs you can bring new forms to the familiar process of watching movies. Think Wider - Get More!
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