Crossover M
Covers m2: 38
Number of guests: 15-40
Tent type: купольные
Installation time, hrs: up to 1
Side width, m: 6,22
Dome height, m: 3,75
Opening height, m: 2,15

Crossover M  is our minimal-volume tent from the Creative Products family. Stylish and easy to set up within minutes – it is perfect for promotions, exhibitions, street events and festivals. Its unusual half-dome form singles out this tent at any location – be it a city square or outdoors.

Key Features:

  • Eye-catching shape
  • Half-dome with a square base
  • Setup time under 1 hour!
  • Side walls with transparent window inserts, doors or fully closable
  • Possibility of interconnection into “tent towns”
  • Wide entrance arches
  • Lighting design with colored lights
  • Robust and lightweight aluminum frame with steel anchoring
  • Convenient storage and transportation: disassembles into small parts that fit into one Euro-pallet
  • Weatherproof: reliable protection against water and wind. Can be used during strong snow-storms: the structure will hold against extra load, including the weight of snow
  • Equipment: tent structure holds up to 600 kg of additional weight. This allows for inside mounting of lighting-, audio- and video-equipment. Structure includes screen mounts.
  • Can be installed on soft and hard surfaces. If anchoring with bolts is impossible, can be anchored with ballast (concrete slabs). The ballast can be covered and used as a bench or demonstration stand.

Possible uses:

  • Exclusive exhibition stand
  • Promo tent at a festival
  • Comfortable food court area
  • Beachfront lounge zone
  • Garden gazebo in a private house
  • Dance floor area
  • Equipment presentation pavilion
  • Reception area at large events
  • Merchant tent at a Christmas fair
  • Children’s area/play area
  • Marquee for the buffet line
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