Hexadome M
Covers m2: 102
Number of guests: 60-100
Tent type: купольные
Installation time, hrs: 2
Side width, m: 6,22
Dome height, m: 5,35
Opening height, m: 2,15
Additional weight, kg: 300

Hexadome М is one more futuristic tent by Creative Products, which can be used for a variety of outdoor events: promotions, celebrations, organization of exhibitions or vending spots.

Installation within an hour and transportation in a regular pickup truck. This tent is essential for “quick” solutions, when your need to install the structure, hold your event and clear out without a trace – all in one day.

Creative Products tents attract attention and stir people’s interest, thus adding an important benefit for your company. Quick installation on any surface within several hours, easy interconnection to form tent towns, broad possibilities for branding.

Key Features:

  • Eye-catching spherical shape
  • Installation time – approximately two hours!
  • Side walls with transparent window inserts, doors or fully closable
  • Possibility of interconnection into “tent towns”
  • Wide entrance arches
  • Lighting design with colored lights
  • Robust and lightweight aluminum frame with steel anchoring
  • Convenient storage and transportation: disassembles into small details that fit into two Euro-pallets
  • Weatherproof: reliable protection against water and wind. Can be used during strong snow-storms: the structure will hold against extra load, including the weight of snow
  • Equipment: tent structure holds up to 300 kg of additional weight. This allows for inside mounting of lighting-, audio- and video-equipment. Structure includes screen mounts.
  • Can be installed on soft and hard surfaces. If anchoring with bolts is impossible, can be anchored with ballast (concrete slabs). The ballast can be covered and used as a bench or demonstration stand.

Hexadome M tent structure is rather spacious and thus – a good fit for large events (conferences, public talks, seminars). The tent can fit 80 people sitting (banquet or auditorium seating) or up to 90 people for a buffet style reception.

Tents with uncovered openings can serve as protection against the sun – they work well as a pool-side or beach shade, as well as a lounge zone at big open-air events.

Fast installation on any surface makes Hexadome a perfect solution for mobile vending spots or exhibition stands.

Ample inside space allows the tent to hold concerts, shows, sports events, business seminars and private parties.

Possible uses:

  • Family celebration banquet room
  • Stage tent at a city festival
  • Beachfront lounge zone
  • VIP buffet reception
  • Lounge zone tents at private houses
  • Space for interactive presentations
  • Car presentation pavilion
  • VIP tent at a rally
  • Interactive pavilion for hi-tech brands
  • Outdoor dance floor
  • Agricultural field conference
  • Advertising pavilion in a city square
  • Summer showroom of a clothes store
  • Merchant tent at a Christmas fair

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