Covers m2: 80-1120
Number of guests: 40-1000
Tent type: модульные
Installation time, hrs: 3-8
Expansion increment (sq.m.): 80
Section width, m: 16
Section length, m: 5
Section height, m: 4
Height, m: 6,4
Installation equipment: auto-crane from 21 m

This is our largest tent, the only one in Ukraine. Arcum is a tent for high class events. Spacious and airy, it looks especially classy due to its vaulted roof. Meanwhile, side-shades of the structure allow for unconventional architectural solutions. You can rent the total space of the tent or by sections. If you need to protect your guests from the sun and the rain, whilst also demonstrating a distinct status – Arcum pavilions will be your effective tool for creating the necessary image.

Key Features:

  • Unique! The only tent in Ukraine of this shape
  • Elegant arched roof
  • Extending side-shades for open areas
  • Modular structure – possibility to change the size
  • No center poles or support columns inside
  • Aluminum P5N / P3N / P1 profiles
  • Sliding tent walls with latches for easy opening and closing in any place
  • Supplied complete with a glass front and an entrance unit (two double-wing doors)
  • Can be delivered with a transparent roof and walls

Possible uses:

  • Presentation hall for VIP products
  • Seasonal canopy for a swimming pool
  • Off premise showroom
  • Separate pavilion of an exhibition
  • Training hall next to the main one
  • Advertising shooting pavilion
  • Beachside entertainment complex
  • 200+ wedding party
  • Amusement arcade in a mobile entertainment park
  • Summer restaurant with catering
  • Promo event at a city festival
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