VIP Pavilion
Covers m2: 95
Number of guests: 50-100
Tent type: шестигранники
Installation time, hrs: 6-8
Diameter, m: 12
Side width, m: 6
Opening height, m: 2,5
Apex height, m: 5,2
Installation equipment: auto-crane from 15.5 m/mechanical loader

This luxurious hexagonal tent will grace any event. It can accommodate a 100-guest buffet reception, presentation or wedding party. Glass walls provide protection from the cold and rain, while creating the feeling of an open space. VIP Pavilion rental includes wood flooring, which gives this tent an even more prestigious look and provides even more comfort for its quests.

 Key Features:

  • Hexagonal shape
  • Complete with original glass panels
  • Complete with modular wood flooring
  • Two entrance units, each with a double-wing door

Possible uses:

  • Press center at events of national scale
  • Premium concert lounge zone
  • Buffet reception for VIP guests of a conference
  • Intimate outdoor wedding for under 50 guests
  • Nigh-time disco away from the city
  • Dining hall for the panel of judges and competition organizers
  • Private gallery
  • Training or workshop space
  • Casting space
  • Off premise auto show
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