Covers m2: 54-2280
Number of guests: 25-1500
Tent type: модульные
Installation time, hrs: 2 - 20
Expansion increment (sq.m.): 24 / 30 / 36 / 45
Section width, m: 8 / 10 / 12 / 15
Section length, m: 3
Side section height, m: 2,3 / 2,5 / 3
Apex height, m: 3,9 / 4,07 / 4,87 / 5,2

Losberger Multiflex is a reliable tent for any occasion. Its size is a great fit for most events: large enough and space-effective at the same time. This tent will comfortably accommodate a family celebration in a forest glade or an agro-conference right in the field. It can also be used as a summer patio of a restaurant or an interactive area for outdoor celebrations.

“Open access” technology allows to enter the tent in any place – just take off one or several side walls.

Key Features:

  • Most in-demand tent
  • Modular structure: you determine the size!
  • No inner poles/columns
  • Tents can be combined with each other and other Losberger solutions
  • Aluminum P7/P9 profile
  • Gable roof made of 3-layer PVC provides UV protection, but is also translucent for best daytime lighting
  • Sliding tent walls with latches for easy opening and closing in any place. Can be supplied with transparent window inserts

Losberger Multiflex pavilion is available in several sizes:

NameWidthWall heightMax lengthApex heightSection length
Multiflex 88 m2.5 m15 m3.9 m3 m
Multiflex 1010 m2.3 m186 m4.07 m3 m
Multiflex 1010 m3 m42 m4.87 m3 m
Multiflex 1212 m3 m21 m5.2 m3 m

Multiflex 10 tents can be completed with additional modules:

  • Apse, 32.5 sq.m. – semicircular three-edge entrance unit roof
  • DomeArea, 60 sq.m. – circus tent-like dome roof
  • Pavilion, 65 sq.m. – hexagonal pavilion

Possible uses:

  • Agro-presentation in the middle of a field
  • Summer patio of your restaurant
  • Family celebration in a forest glade
  • Riverside wedding reception
  • Street fair shopping stalls
  • Corporate celebration dance floor
  • Interactive area at a festival
  • Buffet at a car test drive
  • Children’s area at an adult party
  • Sun shelter for a beach party
  • Mobile conference hall
  • Promotional event at the central square of the city
  • Indoor parking for your guests
  • Mobile kitchen at a large open air event
  • Mobile election campaign station

Installation Timelapse

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