Covers m2: 25-36
Number of guests: 10-30
Tent type: малые
Installation time, hrs: up to 1
Width, m: 5 / 6
Length, m: 5 / 6
Side wall height, m: 2,3 / 2,5
Peak height, m: 3,7 / 5,2

Exquisite Pagoda tents help create a classical space. Elegant and festive, they will complete any festive occasion and can be used for parties, exhibitions, vending spots or showrooms. If needed, Pagodas are easily connected between themselves creating spacious structures, which can be used for weddings and official events, fashion shows and conferences.

Due to unique designer and technology solutions, this tent is easy to assemble and transport.

Walls can be non-transparent or have transparent window inserts, can be moved or taken off completely. Tent design provides for easy entrance from any of the sides, while zip-fasteners ensure quick opening and closing of side walls.

Pagoda tent by Losberger: light and beautiful – only the best for you!

Key Features:

  • Quick installation – in just 1 hour!
  • Unusual and distinctive roof form
  • Side walls with elegant arched windows from transparent PVC
  • Several Pagodas can be joined into a more spacious structure

Possible uses:

  • VIP area at a conference
  • Wedding ceremony altar
  • Evening reception front desk
  • Technical area for catering
  • Street bar at a festival
  • Concert lounge zone
  • Promo area at a presentation
  • Mobile vending space
  • Small classroom at a training
  • Orchestra location
  • Director’s station at a film shoot
  • Make-up space for performers
  • Marquee over the catwalk in fashion shows
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