Pop-Up Tent
Covers m2: 9-32
Number of guests: 5-35
Tent type: малые
Installation time, min: 10-20
Width, m: 3 / 4
Length, m: 3 / 4 / 6 / 8
Height, m: 2,37 / 2,47
Apex height, m: 3 / 4 / 5

Pop-Up Tent is our minimal-volume and most mobile tent.

This tent is unmatched for promotions and temporary vending venues, when you move from place to place and need to quickly set up on small plot of land and then disassemble your tent in a similarly prompt manner. Pop-Up Tent is a folding tent that can be set up by one person within mere 15 minutes!

  • It can be easily branded to become an eye-catching advertising medium.
  • Side walls can be installed to ensure warmth and comfort even in winter.
  • Add decorations and lights – and you’ll have a romantic tent for newlyweds, festival registration booth or a mini-nursery.

Pop-Up Tent is very versatile: convenient size, easy installation, transportation and storage. It’s hardly surprising that everybody wants it!

 Key Features:

  • Assembly by two people
  • Perfect for frequent change of location
  • Available as a hexagonal tent
  • Reinforced hex-50mm aluminum profile for strong wind pressure
  • Tent canopy from waterproof polyester
  • 2 window- and 2 blind walls
  • Comfortably packaged into a small roller bag
  • Installation – from 5 minutes!


We offer 4 sizes of pop-up tents: 3х3, 3х6, 4х4 and 4х8 m, as well as a hexagonal tent 6 m in diameter.

Wall height: 2.37 – 2.47 m

Apex height: 3 – 5 m

Possible uses:

  • Mobile vending spot
  • Campaigning tent
  • Branded advertising area
  • Buffet area at a conference
  • Rendezvous point at official events
  • Mini-nursery
  • Romantic corner with a table for two
  • Marathon registration area
  • Bike race repair stands
  • Country house gazebo
  • Beach tent
  • Mobile bar
  • Festival area for children’s workshops
  • Exhibition stand
  • Catering prep area

Installation Video

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