Covers m2: 60-90
Number of guests: 30-100
Tent type: растяжные
Installation time, min: 20
Diameter, m: 10 / 12
Peak height, m: 5 / 6

This tent is one of the most spectacular and impressive in our product range. Shooting upwards, dynamic and spaceborne – it never fails to attract attention and spark interest. You want to enter it just to know, what it feels like inside!

The Star will become the center of your beach party or corporate celebration, will attract attention to the stage or help set up a lounge area. It is not the kind of tent for a warehouse or a store. This tent is 100% built to impress, a wow-effect choice. 

Assembly will take minutes, and the entire tent in its packaging takes the space of a medium-size bag. It is fully wind-resistant and provides excellent protection from the sun. It has no doors or walls to make your event or operation fully accessible for visitors.

Key Features:

  • WOW-effect
  • Distinctive form
  • Stretch tent structure
  • No side walls
  • Uneven surface installation
  • Installation in half an hour!
  • Bright colors – white, blue, black, yellow, red


Star 10 (60 sq.m.):  diameter – 10 m; height – 5 m; opening height – 2.1 m

Star 12 (90 sq.m.):  diameter – 12 m; height – 6 m; opening height – 2.2 m

Possible uses:

  • Marquee for tables at a food festival
  • Centerpiece of a beach party
  • Corporate celebration lounge zone
  • Head-turning tent at a street exhibition
  • Poolside bar
  • Start and finish point at city quests
  • Mini-cafe at an open-air museum
  • Merchandise stand at a concert
  • Shaded area with sun loungers on the beach
  • FMCG promo tent at public places

Do you wish to attract people’s attention? – Choose the Star tent!

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